Judith is a visual artist addressing existential issues that can irreparably change our lives for the worse. Judith’s work depicts a dystopian worldview of the demise of the planet due to climate change and what that portends for our grandchildren. Her intent in creating these pieces is to promote dialogue that can lead to solutions. Using mixed media, she creates series that provide visual imagery to spark dialog on issues ranging from the demise of the natural order due to climate change, the absurdity of denying science, and the search for equilibrium – specifically the balance between the natural world and the world of human-made objects that allows for survival. In addition, Judith’s watercolor landscapes/waterscapes are an “Ode to Visvaldis Garokalns” (1933-2005), pays tribute to the artist’s mother’s nephew, a brilliant Latvian watercolorist. In the series “Identity”, Judith creates transcendent identities that celebrate individuals right to “Identity Metamorphosis”. Judith is both an educator and artist, teaching in public schools for over 50 years. Raised in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey Judith resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.